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New Create a new, empty AudioMulch document
Open... Open an existing AudioMulch document
Reopen Open a recently used document
Revert Abandon all edits since last save
Save Save the current document
Save As... Save the current document under a different name
Save a Copy... Save an alternate copy of the current document
Save a Copy with Sound Files... Save an alternate copy of the current document with sound files
Export to Sound File... Save an audio segment to a sound file
Exit Exit AudioMulch


Undo functions only within the Patcher and Automation panes
Redo functions only within the Patcher and Automation panes
Cut Cut current selection to clipboard
Copy Copy current selection to clipboard
Paste Paste clipboard data
Clear Clear the current selection
Select All Select all
Insert Time Insert Time within an automation sequence
Delete Time Delete the selected time range within an automation sequence
Automation Snap to Select Automation Snap to resolution
Settings... Adjust settings in the Settings dialog box including audio and MIDI device settings, synchronization, VST plugins path and start up actions.


Toolbars Show or hide the various toolbars and level meters
Status Bar Show or hide the status bar
Patcher Show or hide the patcher pane
Properties Show or hide the properties pane
Automation Show or hide the automation pane
Metasurface Show or hide the Metasurface
Parameter Control Configure Automation and MIDI parameter control
Notes Show or hide the notes window
Document Switcher Show or hide the document switcher
Show Contraption Input/Output Info Show or hide roll over tool tips describing each contraption input and output in the patcher
Show Contraption Input/Output Activity Indicators Show or hide the flashing level indicators on contraption inputs and outputs in the patcher
Scroll Automation with Playback Enable or disable Scroll Automation with playback
Show Automation Grid Show or hide the Automation Grid
Windows Volume Control... Display the audio interface's volume control window


Enable Audio Enable or disable real-time audio
Enable MIDI Enable or disable real-time MIDI parameter control
Play From Start Start playback from clock position 1-1.00
Play Start playback from current clock position
Toggle Playback Stop if playing or start playback from current clock position if stopped
Stop Stop the clock
Enable Automation Recording Enable or disable automation recording
Go to Start Reset clock position to 1-1.00
Go to End Move clock position to end of automation sequence
Enable Automation Loop Enable or disable automation looping
Chase MIDI Sync Enable synchronisation with a MIDI clock source
Generate MIDI Sync Enable transmission of MIDI clocks
Chase Network Sync Enable synchronisation with a Network clock source
Generate Network Sync Enable transmission of Network clocks


AudioMulch Help Displays this Help File
What's New in This Version Displays What's New topic in this Help File
Check for Updates Goes online to check whether a new version of AudioMulch is available
AudioMulch Web Site Displays the AudioMulch web site in your web browser
Buy AudioMulch Displays information about purchasing AudioMulch
Enter Authorisation Key... Enter your purchased AudioMulch licence authorisation key
About AudioMulch Displays version and Copyright information
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