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A digital reverb effect.

NastyReverb is a primitive-sounding digital reverb effect. It roughly simulates the sound of a reverberant space such as a room, hall or drainpipe. You can adjust the time the reverb takes to decay and also the ratio of the input signal to the reverberated output (wet/dry mix).

See the Adjusting Contraption Properties section for information about using sliders, knobs, presets etc.

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NastyReverb parameter editor window

Reverb time


Controls the time the reverb takes to decay, ranging from 100ms to 10 seconds.

Wet/dry mix


Controls the ratio of input vs. reverberated signal.

Relevant Example Files

The following files provide examples of how NastyReverb can be used:

Aava.amh, BBlowerSoundscape.amh & MetaSSpatosaurus.amh

To open the Example Files directory, go to the File menu, select Open, and double-click on the Examples folder. Read descriptions of the example files here.

Suggested Uses and Practical Applications

Andrew Bencina says: “Used subtly, NastyReverb can create the illusion of space when applied to an otherwise flat mono input.”

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