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Sending Suggestions and Bug Reports

We can only fix the things we know about, so we'd love to hear from you. If you encounter a bug, or have a feature you'd like to see included, please don't hesitate to contact AudioMulch's lead developer Ross Bencina via email: You can also post bugs and suggestions to the AudioMulch forums

Bugs include unusual or unexpected program behavior and program crashes.

Information that will will assist in locating and fixing bugs includes:

The version of AudioMulch you are using, for example 2.2. This information is displayed in the about box, which can be viewed by selecting About AudioMulch from the Help menu (Windows) or from the AudioMulch application menu (Mac OS).

A description of the bug, including:

  • What operation you were performing in AudioMulch when it happened?
  • Whether you can repeat the bug?
  • Were real-time audio or MIDI controllers enabled when the bug occurred?
  • Any crash information provided by Windows, including addresses. For example:

    MULCH caused an invalid page fault in module MULCH.EXE at 0167:005c23db.

    You can either write this information down, or take a screen-grab of the error message window (press Alt-Print Screen, paste into the Windows Paint application, or MS Word, then Save.)
  • Any other information that seems relevant (i.e., third-party VST plugins used within current document).

A quick spec of your machine including:

  • OS version (win98, winXP, NT4.0 etc.)
  • CPU and Speed (eg. Pentium 4 3.2)
  • Amount of physical RAM (eg. 512MB)
  • Audio interface brand and model
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