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Smoothly fades a stereo input between two different stereo outputs.

Frosscader lets you fade a stereo input source between two separate stereo outputs. You can control the volume of each stereo pair, as well as the overall volume of the contraption's output.

Connecting a patch cord to only one side of a stereo input on this contraption bridges the audio to both inputs.

See the Adjusting Contraption Properties section for information about using sliders, knobs, presets etc.

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Crossfader, Mixers category


Frosscader parameter editor window



Controls the gain (level) of the overall output.



Controls the gain of the first stereo output pair.



Controls the gain of the second stereo output pair.


Balances the input between one stereo output pair and the other. When the slider is set to 0.00%, the input is only sent to outputs 1&2. When the slider is at 100.00%, the input is only sent to outputs 3&4. When at 50%, the input is sent equally to both output stereo pairs. As you move the fade slider from one end to the other, you can achieve a smooth transition from one output stereo pair to the other.

Suggested Uses and Practical Applications

Ross Bencina says: “Unlike the Crossfader which is useful for blending separate inputs, the Frosscader is useful for controlling the balance of a single sound sent to two different effects chains. The distinction may be subtle, but if you have an effect (such as distortion) which behaves differently depending on how loud the input is, then you may want to control how much sound you feed into it rather than just adjusting the level of its output. For example you could use a Frosscader to send audio to two different Shaper contraptions with different settings – the Frosscader would control the balance between the distortion introduced by each Shaper in a more complex way than simply crossfading the output of two Shaper contraptions.”

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