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Stereo mixers with volume control for each stereo input pair.

S*Mixers (* indicates the number of stereo input pairs) are stereo mixers with a master gain control and gain controls for each pair of inputs (1&2, 3&4, etc.). You can solo or mute each of the input pairs.

See the Adjusting Contraption Properties section for information about using sliders, knobs, presets etc.

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S*Mixer parameter editor window


(MasterGain, Gain_1-2 - Gain_23-24)

Master Gain adjusts the output gain. Individual knobs control the gain of each stereo input pair (1-2 – 23-24).


(Mute, MasterMute, Mute_1-2 - Mute_23-24)

Mutes an input. Mute an input by pressing the m button of the input you want to mute. Mute the output by pressing the m button of the MasterGain knob.


(Solo, Solo_1-2 – Solo_23-24)

Solos an input. Press the s button of the input you want to solo. You can solo more than one input at a time. Holding down the Control key (Command on Mac) while clicking a solo button solos the clicked input and causes all other channels to be un-soloed. Solo will always override mute.

Relevant Example Files

The following file provides an example of how S*Mixer can be used:


To open the Example Files directory, go to the File menu, select Open, and double-click on the Examples folder. Read descriptions of the example files here.

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