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AudioMulch 2 Full Version

US $189

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AudioMulch 2 Upgrade from version 1
(requires your version 1 licence key)

US $89

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Buy AudioMulch now for US $189. Licenced version 1.0 users can upgrade for US $89. For more information please check the Licencing and Activation FAQs or email sales@audiomulch.com.

Once your payment has been processed we will email you an authorisation key that unlocks the trial version of AudioMulch. Share-it! will send your authorisation key immediately. If you buy through PayPal your authorisation key will be emailed to you 1 to 3 days after payment has been confirmed.


Online Payment Options

Use the Buy Now links above to pay with Share-it! or PayPal.

Share-it! accepts credit cards, UK debit cards, bank/wire transfers, cheques and cash. It also accepts orders by fax. Visit Share-it!'s customer care center for more information.


You can buy with PayPal using your credit card even if you don't have a PayPal account. Unlike Share-it!, PayPal will accept purchases from free email services such as Yahoo!, Hotmail and Gmail.

See below for information about payment by bank transfer, volume education discounts and our special offer for Australian domestic orders.

Bank Transfers

If you don't have a credit card or don't want to use it online you can make an electronic transfer to our Australian bank account. Please contact sales@audiomulch.com for details. Share-it! (Cologne, Germany) also accepts direct bank transfers. Note that your bank may charge considerably less for transfers to a nearby country.

Australian Pricing Offer

Australian residents can purchase AudioMulch for AUD $189 (upgrade AUD $89) by buying directly using electronic funds transfer or direct bank deposit. Please contact sales@audiomulch.com for details.

Volume Education Pricing

Discounts are available to educational institutions purchasing five or more AudioMulch workstation licences.

For volume education enquiries in the UK and Europe please contact our distributor DACS at sales@dacs-audio.com.

For volume education enquiries in Southeast Asia please contact our distributor Brooklyn Media (Singapore) at audiomulch@brooklyn-media.com.

For volume education enquiries in all other regions including Australia and New Zealand please email sales@audiomulch.com.