AudioMulch Tutorial 7: Using VST Instruments in AudioMulch

This is a basic tutorial designed for new users of AudioMulch. It demonstrates how to host an instrument plugin and play it from a MIDI keyboard.

Note: First time users may want to begin with the first tutorial in this series.

Be sure to click the full screen button to watch the tutorial at full size.


  • For this tutorial you will need a VST instrument installed. You can find VST instrument plugins using KVR audio's plugin search:
  • There is no completed patch for this tutorial, as the settings will differ based on your choice of VST instrument plugin. For this tutorial we chose 4Front's Rhode keyboard instrument (

This tutorial, step by step:

  1. Connect a MIDI keyboard to your computer and switch it on.
  2. Start up AudioMulch.
  3. Press the Enable MIDI button on the toolbar to enable MIDI input.
  4. From the contraptions list under VST Plugins, select a VST instrument contraption and drag it onto the patcher pane. (If you can't see your plugins listed here, check that the VST plugins directory setting is correct. On Windows: select Edit menu then Settings then VST Plugins. On Mac: select AudioMulch App menu then Preferences then VST Plugins.)
  5. In the patcher pane, connect the left and right audio outputs of the VST instument to the inputs of the SoundOut contraption. (If your VST instrument has an output on the bottom righthand side, ignore it - it's a MIDI output.)
  6. From the contraptions list, find a MidiIn contraption under the Input / Output - MIDI Inputs listing. Drag it onto the patcher pane.
  7. In the patcher pane, connect the output of the MidiIn1 to the MIDI input on the top righthand side of the VST instrument. The patch cord should appear as a dotted line.
  8. Make sure audio is enabled by checking that the Enable Audio button on the toolbar is down.
  9. Play something on your keyboard. Your instrument should play.

Other things to try:

  • Process the audio output of your VST instrument by patching an SDelay (or other effect) contraption between the outputs of the VST instrument contraption and the SoundOut contraption.
  • Use the knobs and sliders on your MIDI keyboard to control the virtual knobs and sliders of your VST instrument. Set this up using the Parameter Control window, accessible from the View menu.

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