AudioMulch Tutorial 4: Using the Metasurface

This is a basic tutorial designed for new users of AudioMulch. It demonstrates how to use AudioMulch's Metasurface parameter control interface.

Note: First time users may want to begin with the first tutorial in this series.

Be sure to click the full screen button to watch the tutorial at full size.

Click here to download the AudioMulch document created in this tutorial

This tutorial, step by step:

Create a patch:

  1. Drag a TestGen contraption onto the Patcher Pane and connect it to the SoundOut. Open up its property editor window, set it to generate noise and turn the volume up. (If you can't hear anything make sure the Enable Audio button is down.)
  2. Drag a RissetFilters contraption onto the Patcher Pane and insert it into the signal flow between the TestGen and the SoundOut.
  3. Drag a Flanger contraption on the Patcher Pane and insert it into the signal flow between the RissetFilters and the SoundOut.

Set up the Metasurface:

  1. Click the Metasurface button on the Views toolbar to open the Metasurface.
  2. On the right hand panel, leave the RissetFilters parameters and the Flanger's Wet/Dry Mix parameter checked while unchecking all the other parameters. (This is useful to do because you might want to control the other parameters by some other control method, like the Automation timeline or MIDI control.)
  3. Click the New Snapshot button on the Metsurface to create a snapshot of your patch parameters as they are.
  4. Adjust the RissetFilters parameter settings and the Flanger's wet/dry mix, then create another Metasurface snapshot. Do this as many times as you like.
  5. On the Metasurface, drag the snapshots from the Snapshot List onto the Interpolation Surface.

Control the Metasurface:

  1. Press the Interpolate button on the top left hand corner of the Metasurface.
  2. Click and drag around the Interpolation Surface to interpolate between the parameter snapshots. Click around the surface without holding the mouse button down to jump directly between interpolated parameter settings.
  3. Switch out of Interpolation mode (using the Interpolate button) if you want to tweak the positions of your snapshots on the surface.
  4. Press the View Full Screen button on the Metasurface to go into full screen mode. Press escape to return to the normal view.

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