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brendon bussy
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Being primarily a pc user I'd love a few mac free plug in suggestions so that I can assist someone using AM on mac.

We want to process live voice to achieve a melodic output i.e. voice becomes melody.

Some possible approaches:
- the voice could trigger a sound file or loop. A sample player of some kind?
- the voice could trigger a synth.
- a follower follows the voice with a replacement sound e.g. sine tone

Any suggestions much appreciated!


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What about looking for and audio to midi plugin? KTDrumTrigger is the only free one I know of, but maybe there are more.

brendon bussy
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Thanks for the suggestion! Will check out KT :)

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Something I have played with is feeding voice - admittedly, from a file loop - into a 5Combs contraption that's tuned to a particular chord. With the hold times kept short enough, the individual notes "ring" with this input yet still pass along at least some of the changes in amplitude. Furthermore, you can mix in some of the untouched speech with this 5Comb'd stream to retain even more of the original speech quality. I can imagine going further to use multiple 5Combs in parallel, setting each one to ring on only one note; then, you could rhythmically gate each of their outputs independently - using, say, Bassline or Southpole - to create a melody.

brendon bussy
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Thanks for the ideas! Been using AM for some time now and never thought of doing that - using 5combs to create a melody line.

I'm trying your parallel combs idea right now. Each comb set up with its own bassline. Then:
- select random patterns for each bassline
- create metasurface snapshot
- change patterns randomly
- create new snapshot etc
Then slide between snapshots on the metasurface.

nice :)