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Probably not news to most people here, but there's a drum synth called Microtonic that seems to work well with AudioMulch. From all I can tell, it has a great deal of flexibility and power - and supposedly uses very little CPU. The company that makes it (called Sonic Charge, in Sweden) has a clever, intriguing thing going online, Patternarium. It's using "genetic algorithm" to create new drum patterns that everyone's invited to listen to and vote on. Depending on which new patterns get the most positive votes, the algorithm changes its evolutionary direction and supposedly aims to make "more like that." The results it comes up with are available for download and free use by one and all, assuming you have a copy of Microtonic, of course.

Anyone else using this?

More info here: http://soniccharge.com/microtonic

And the Patternarium: http://soniccharge.com/patternarium