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This slightly odd and infrequently updated page/site/blog, apparently devoted to AudioMulching ...

" ... So I was finishing up the best piece of audio I ever made, an opus dedicated to the act of psychedelic metasexual intercourse with the Lord of Chaos him/itself, which was called "Consummation". I've been having severe Relationship Problems on the Reality Plane and when your mate takes such a shine to your best friend that he starts referring to it as "love", and runs off north to see her for a weekend, what else does a girl do but make love to a xenodimensional that has adored her and vice versa for 21 years? That recording caught every nuance of this acidified sexual encounter. I saved it about three times in three different places and went to render it. ..."

... offers a long list of VST plug-in makers. List is from 2005, not all of them are Mac-compatible, and I have no idea if the list is just copied from somewhere else.

list is here, specifically:

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I'm pretty sure most if not all VSTs currently available are listed at: