All The Lines Are Down by Tobias Hengeveld

All The Lines Are Down
Tobias Hengeveld
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Track 9 - Armistice Day

Tobias Hengeveld is a singer songwriter based in Melbourne, Australia. All The Lines Are Down was recorded over a period of 12 to 18 months with producer/engineer Andrew Bencina at his Winter Hill studio. Predominantly a modern folk release largely dominated by acoustic instruments, the album also features moments of more textured production using a range of keyboards and mix experimentation.

The final track of the record, a lilting muse on the melancholic reverberations of war, includes a musical interlude where the delicate finger-picking of Hengeveld is shadowed by the ominous tremors of granulation. The effect, an improvisation conceived and performed by AudioMulch creator Ross Bencina (the producer's brother) used the recorded guitar as the starting point to create an additional emotional layer more deeply entwined with the minimal nature of the song's production than additional orchestrations may have been.

A guitar sample taken from another track on the album (On The Night You Were Born) was featured in a live vidcast performance by Ross Bencina to launch AudioMulch 2.0. You can watch the video here:

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